In the beginning I started off the average 15 year old boy I was weighing in at 286lbs. I lived in a decent household we weren’t really rich, or poor just middle class. But most importantly I loved Xbox 360 A LOT more specifically all of the Call of Duty Games. It was a given I loved those games to death. I use to play Xbox 360 in the summer from two in the afternoon till six in the morning, and repeat the next day.

I never started off active, and I was never considered the athlete. My friends refereed to me as the fat kid “which I never minded because I knew it was true.”

All of these things I considered the normal, and I was never emotionally stricken by it externally, but on the inside my emotions raged, and I started to become very angry with myself. Girls were never fond of me, I couldn’t keep up with my friends when we took bike rides, I couldn’t complete any type of sport conditioning, and people gave no hope for me.

I will never remember all of the phrases people use to tell me in school. For example, “You’re never going to get a girlfriend”, “You are a piece of sh*t, go eat some more”, “Is your shirt too small, or are you just that fat?”

The thing that got to me the most is when people told me I had man boobs. This is what turned on the “Do WORK” switch in my mind. Almost instantly I decided it was time for me to change. No more bullsh*t. Xbox360 was not for me anymore. After I did the patience work I gained a lot of confidence back, and I started to transform into a well respected man weighing in at 175lbs then a chubby boy.

When I first started looking into bodybuilding my first idle ever was the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger. Everybody knew him, and he was loved in almost every industry. He wasn’t overly cocky like most modern bodybuilders, and he was informational without pushing a brand name down your throat. He was almost like a mentor in my mind.

Currently my biggest bodybuilding inspiration would be Elliot Hulse. He’s a retired strongman (not a bodybuilding competitor), but he gives excellent information on how to better your life. He helps with all aspects of strength, and not just physical strength. The information he gives me makes me want to strive further than I already have made it. Another bodybuilding motivation is a great man would named Kai Greene. He is very inspirational, and he is very intelligent when it comes to his philosophy.

“The first steps are the hardest” is something I always used to tell myself. I started with my diet.

Your diet is the most important thing to handle before you even pick up a weight. If you can’t fuel your body then you can’t grow! My diet went from being anything fast food, or in a can, to anything natural, and things that actually needed to be prepared. I did a lot of research on food by myself, and I figured out what my body needed to work properly, and to perform to its maximum.

Supplementation never entered my mind until I found, but now they are not important to me whatsoever, and in all honesty the only supplements I take now are whey protein, and creatine.

After fixing my diet I started lifting weights which let me tell you was awesome the first few times. You could actually feel your muscles warm up, and feel the different movements after so many reps, but after awhile it starts to fade away. This led me into my research of muscle plateaus. When I was just beginning I started doing full body workouts which was good, because I burned off more calories this way. But, other than this I just started from the bottom, and worked up my way up the stairs of fitness.

My future goal is to hit around 200lbs in solid mass sitting around 10-12% body fat, and to do it NATURALLY. I have nothing against steroid use, and it is beneficial for a lot of athletes…but it’s just not for me.

My trial and errors go back super far, and it would be a whole story on its own. You can check out my other post on Best Teen Transformation Contest: Rising from the Masses for more of that information.